UISS Partners With Tryon Clear View Group to Bring Large Savings Opportunities to Members!

The Tryon Clear View Group offers Expense Analysis in numerous Expense Categories to determine whether you can reduce your expenses and are being correctly invoiced. These services are provided with no upfront cost. You will receive a Findings and Recommendations Report detailing recommendations and erroneous charges. Only once savings are approved, implemented and reflected on your invoice will there be a fee. This fee is a percentage of your savings, which for UISS members is reduced from their regular rates. It sounds like you can’t lose since the Tryon Clear View Group states that their analysis generates savings 98% of the time. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service!

Tryon Clear View Group – Background:

• 17 Year History of Successful Expense Reduction Reviews • 1,400 Satisfied Clients Nationwide

• Contracted by several GPOs nationally

• Certified WBENC – Woman Owned Business


• Reduce Operating Expenses

• Contingency Fee Based Model – 98% Success Rate

• On-going monitoring of Expense Savings

Sample Expense Reduction Categories:

• Telecom / Wireless Average Savings: 24%

• Telecom Line Audits Average Savings: 28%

• Waste Average Savings: 35% – Copiers / Printers Average Savings: 29%

• Credit Card Fees Average Savings: 21% • Laundry and Linen Average Savings: 17%

• Equipment Maintenance Average Savings: 20%

• LED Lighting Average Savings: 21%

• Utilities Procurement Average Savings: 18%

• Utilities Audit Average Savings: 10%

• Cloud Based Fax Services Average Savings: 31%

• Mailing Average Savings: 59%

Next Steps:

Call Bob Duffy, Tryon Clear View Group at 814-330-2560 or email at bduffy@oneclearview.com