Dallas, Texas – TractManager and the United Iroquois Shared Services (UISS) purchasing group have entered into an agreement whereby TractManager will provide negotiation guidance on capital equipment and IT purchases, service and warranty agreements, and purchased services.

“TractManager’s professional negotiation services will be available in June 2019 to members of the UISS Group Purchasing Program,” said Gary J. Fitzgerald, President & CEO at UISS. “This new relationship will help ensure UISS members receive the nation’s best pricing and will extend the program’s access to national suppliers and strategic regional partners that offer compelling value and individualized customer service.”

The agreement with TractManager will give UISS members access to:

Sourcing Optimization Service – a pay-for-performance service that reduces capital equipment acquisition costs, streamlines workflow, and supports data-driven purchases. Using price benchmarking and capital quote reviews with evidence-based financial information, this service enables healthcare organizations to make better purchasing decisions.

Service Contract Consolidation – an analysis of existing service contracts focused on reducing ongoing operational costs. Comparison of current costs with best available in our Price Paid Database, consolidation of same vendors, and standardization of contract dates, terms, and conditions delivers a more cost-effective approach.

Purchased Services Solutions – Intelligent spend management as the foundation of your hospital’s purchased services program. Representing the harmonization of software, data, and services, our Purchased Services Solution empowers our members to strategically target and capitalize on savings opportunities that have historically been neglected.

Onsite Capital Resource – An on-site employee to facilitate all stages of the capital equipment process – from design to activation. Obtain financial analysis/ROI, competitive sourcing, quote/contract negotiations, standardization support, owner representation, and other services.

Medical Equipment Planning – True end-to-end Medical Equipment Planning services for an array of construction projects. From procurement, to contract and pricing negotiation, through installation and activation, we can assist with all design phases of a project—streamlining project planning from conception through construction.

William Donato, General Manager of TractManager’s MD Buyline division, said the agreement highlights UISS’s motivation to use innovative technology to solve business needs. “This positions UISS to bring even more value to its members in their quest to control costs and deliver the highest-quality services to their patients,”

ABOUT TRACTMANAGER TractManager is the leader in healthcare market intelligence and spend management software. We provide solutions to 3 out of 5 of the nation’s hospitals and healthcare collaboratives helping them achieve their cost and sourcing goals. TractManager’s Capital and Services Division provides a strategic advantage of expertise in professional vendor engagement and negotiations, service contract review, and on-site capital resourcing. TractManager establishes intelligent spend management as the foundation of your hospital’s Purchased Services Program. We have the broadest and deepest data repositories for sourcing, together, we can drive meaningful outcomes.

ABOUT UISS UISS combines shared services and consulting activities concentrated on reducing operating costs and promoting performance improvement for more than 900 healthcare and non-healthcare members. Representing the for-profit division of the Iroquois Healthcare Association, UISS has more than 45 years of experience in providing cost-saving initiatives, educational opportunities, and business solutions. With offices in Clifton Park and Syracuse, N.Y., UISS offers local, dedicated customer service to meet the changing needs of members. For more information about UISS, visit www.uiss-inc.com.

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