UISS develops aggressively competitive and clinically beneficial contracts for goods and services to supplement the current UISS Contract Portfolio.  We are currently in discussion with vendors who provide goods and/or services in the following categories:

EMS Supplies and Equipment

Your input and opinions are vital to assure that the UISS Contract Portfolio delivers the maximum value for your organization.  If you would like to take advantage of these offerings right away and help UISS vet any of these potential contracts, please let your UISS Client Representative know and vendor contact information will be provided.

Matt Galpin, Director of Supply Chain Operations
mgalpin@iroquois.org (518) 348-7458

Don Gearing, Director of Business Solutions
dgearing@iroquois.org (518) 348-7459

Mary Brisson, Supply Chain Associate
mbrisson@iroquois.org (315) 410-6467