Discover how others are recovering costs and improving cash flow by liquidating surplus medical supplies and equipment.

H-Source, Inc., offers a user-friendly, web-based marketplace (“eBay-like” service) that allows healthcare members to buy/sell/transfer supplies and capital equipment to each other in the United States and globally. No more wasted products or equipment lying around because you don’t know what to do with it. This is an easy method to sell surplus supplies and equipment and that otherwise may end up in the trash! Click on this link to see a short video on, “How It Works”. Further information can be obtained by contacting your UISS Client Representative or James Rockenbach, Senior Vice President of H-Source, at (888) 900-4549 or via email at  Ask Jim about setting up a webinar demonstration!

UISS members can also save money of buying surplus supplies from their peers and it may even help with product shortages! You can even sell non-controlled pharmaceutical items too. The website is just like selling or shopping for any other product online and is very user friendly. Users can even upload a listing rather than having to type it all online and can either restrict selling of products to other facilities within their own health system or open it up to the public.