United Iroquois Shared Services, Inc. (UISS) has recently partnered with First Financial Healthcare Solutions (FFHS), to provide enhanced, Premier contracted equipment leasing and financing services directly to UISS members.  The contract (PP-MM-418) was enhanced to exclusively supply UISS organization with direct access to a variety of convenient and flexible funding solutions, while providing additional lease incentives to efficiently deliver cost savings for projects that could use assistance on the lease financing.

Some of the UISS member benefits include:
• No fees, documentation or processing charges
• Fully vetted lease documentation
• Easy access to familiar source of capital
• Electronic Signature services via DocuSign
• Lease Maturity Reporting
• Discounted rates, value added services, and additional cost savings

If your facility is in the market to lease equipment please take advantage of this newly established, enhanced financing program with First Financial Healthcare Solutions available to all UISS Premier members.  If you would like to learn more about this new program, please don’t hesitate to write or call Justin C. Naumann, Regional Vice President at FFHS, at jnaumann@ffcsi.com or 201-217-0100 or your UISS representative.

Matt Galpin, Director of Supply Chain Operations
mgalpin@iroquois.org (518) 348-7458

Don Gearing, Director of Business Solutions
dgearing@iroquois.org (518) 348-7459

Mary Brisson, Supply Chain Associate
mbrisson@iroquois.org (315) 410-6467