Titan LED is a California based Fortune 500 Manufacturer and OEM specializing in Energy Efficiency and Clean Tech LED lighting solutions. They offer a broad range of American made, proprietary, and cutting edge products designed to install and retrofit a variety of existing infrastructures which include; Warehouses, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Municipalities, Churches, Service Stations, Parking Lots & more. In stark contrast to other manufacturers that have taken their operations “off shore” to save on production costs, Titan LED is committed to putting Americans back to work and building a company that relies on American ingenuity and labor. They manufacture their lights using the most innovative technologies and engineering available in the LED space and they pioneer that innovation in- house.

• Full Solutions Lighting Provider
• American Made Products
• High Performance and Commercial Grade
• Six Sigma Standards
• Inherent Scalability for High Volume Needs
• Custom Design Build
• Photometric Support and Lighting Design Layout
• General Service Administration Approved
• US Dept.of Veterans Admin. Construction & Facilities Approved
• TAA Compliant (19 U.S.C. 2501, et seq.)
• Buy American Act Compliant (FAR Subpart 25.2)

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If you would like more information, contact your UISS Client Representative or Thomas Cook, Titan Area Sales Director, Phone Number: (315) 345-2972 Email: t.cook@titanledus.com