UISS has worked with BioServ to offer UISS members the following:

• No risk out-clause for UISS members
• No Long Term Contract
• Preferred pricing for UISS members
• No Additional Fees or Surcharges
• On-Call & Automatic Service Schedules
• Negotiated special renewal increase cap at the end of 2-years
• Guaranteed minimum 10% savings but often shows greater savings

Please see the attached by clicking on this link BioServ ShredSmart Flyer briefly outlining their services or their website.

Contact your UISS Client Services Representative or

Account Representative : Brittany Swiski
Phone : 800.378.8824
Email : brittany@bioservusa.com

Account Representative : Samantha Blanchard (Document Destruction Services)
Phone : 800.378.8824 or 844.758.5550
Email : Samantha@bioservusa.com